Teresa’s Story

My story of survival began much too young, just 3 days after I turned 8 years old. I was sexually abused repeatedly for a long period of time. I was confused, angry, hurt, and perhaps the most toxic element of all, I was silenced. It was the beginning of a path of self destruction and suffering. When you’re abused at such a young age, not only is it something that has happened to you, you are “taught” that this is what you are, what your value is, what the world thinks of you and views you as. An object. This is what you learn to be “true” for yourself. It is what your reflection says when you look in the mirror. It breeds self hate. There is so much hurt, you wish for nothing more than to not be you, to be anyone else. This in turn and all too often, sets a dynamic to become revictimized. Even at times when I was attempting to better my life by attending college, the underlying lack of self worth that I lived in allowed for others to prey upon me and I found myself a target of severe manipulation where I was promised a glorious life including elitist education and travel. The reality of it was that I was trafficked by multiple people and sexually assaulted. My self worth was compromised even further and it only perpetuated living in deep guilt and shame, and silence. For much of my life, that was the cycle I was living in. My life was consumed by fear of these people. However, at the very core of who I knew I was, I managed to hold onto the warrior deep within me and fight my way out to a brighter side of life. Just a few weeks before my 28th birthday, I became a mom to a beautiful boy and it was then that I knew that I needed to start healing so that I could love him truly and be his protector. Becoming a mom initiated my journey to true self love. In addition to a lot of time with my son and a lot of self reflection, I made sure to nourish myself physically with healthy veggies and fruits, plenty of exercise and detox, and lots of water. Meditation and yoga is currently a major part of my life and has helped guide me on a journey of healing and to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. One of my most prized lessons is the ability to set healthy boundaries for myself, which was something I was never taught growing up. Once a human being finds their power and their self love and worth, there are no limits on what can be accomplished. All it can take is one moment, one decision to reach out to your own heart, and take one step towards rising up from the ashes of where you have been and what you have been through. When you’re a victim and a survivor, the silence is very loud within you as it relentlessly echoes throughout your life. It is time for that silence to ring out like a clock at the stroke of midnight. To break free from deep inside and ring out for all to hear. In a world where many beat the broken and praise the prejudice, choose to shine your light and defy the darkness with love. See yourself full of love and allow that moment to grow. See yourself as the light that out shines the dark. Feel your power and embody it. You are love, you are light, and you are most certainly worth every single breadth of it. We are listening and we are right here to be by your side. We will be the Light Warriors to help you find your way.

I am now a mother of two amazing children. Each of them bring so much joy and love to this world. I aim to continue to grow and heal and strive to be the best me that I can be in each moment. I am currently a Natural Helper (mentor) for troubled youth in my local community. We are here to assist and support both locally and globally.