Survivor Stories

Maya and Meena’s Story
For 5 and 6 year old sisters Maya and Meena (pictured attached) this season looks and feels different than it has in years past. For the first time in their lives they are filled with hope. They are free to be kids without fear of abuse and exploitation. They get to anticipate a new year filled with education and safety as they celebrate with playtime and laughter. Just a few months ago, this was not their reality.

They, along with their mother, were trapped in a brothel where they were abused by paying customers and robbed of their innocence. Life was dark and hopeless. Thankfully their story didn’t end in that terrible place. They were rescued and are now safe because of caring people like you.

Maya and Meena rescued.JPG

Ella’s story
Ella’s mother was trapped in a life of prostitution, struggling to survive and provide for her beautiful daughter, Ella, who was only 5 years old. Both Ella and her mother lived in a brothel, a dangerous place, especially for a little girl. Sadly, when Ella was just 3 years old, she was sexually abused by one of the customers in the brothel. To try and prevent future customers from taking advantage of Ella, her mother cut her hair short like a boy and dressed her in boys clothes. She also wouldn’t let her child out of her sight. This meant Ella was present, inside the room while her mom was working. It was a helpless and hopeless situation, or so she thought. That was until a Destiny Rescue rescue agent intervened. We heard about the situation and agents connected with Ella’s mom who readily accepted our offer to help. Ella has been rescued and we were also able to help her mom escape the brothel safely. Both are now no longer in danger of being sold and exploited. 

Ella rescued.JPEG